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Dr. Bennett graduated as the valedictorian, but even he will tell you that schooling was only an entry ticket into Chiropractic.  The art of Chiropractic is the ADJUSTMENT!  Dr. Bennett has been Blessed to train under the best in the profession, including some chiropractors who learned their techniques from the founders of Chiropractic.

All of the techniques that Dr. Bennett utilizes are manual techniques (hands on) based in advanced neurological diagnostics which required years of advanced training after graduation.

Dr. Bennett has studied numerous techniques that range from ultra gentle (pregnancies, pediatrics & geriatrics) to the “Tik Tok” popping techniques.  No two patients are the same, so having numerous techniques in his bag of tricks is essential to help all walks of life!

Schofield Functional Analysis Technique 

Dr. Bennett studied one on one for over 6 years with one of the absolute best in the profession, Dr. Fred Schofield.  Every adjustment is preceded with a positive neurological finding, so there is never any guessing as to which levels of the spine need to be adjusted/corrected.

Torque Release Technique 

This is one of the original techniques founded in Chiropractic.  For anyone who is timid or reluctant to get an adjustment, this is a super gentle, but very effective technique.

Gonstead & Diversified Techniques

These are the stronger types of adjustments that many patients get instant gratification from.  These are the “Tik Tok” techniques, where people love to hear and feel the movement and the ‘pop’ of a misaligned vertebra being realigned. 

Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT) & Cranial Sacral

These are super gentle, yet effective techniques that are used on pregnant women, newborn babies, pediatrics and geriatrics.

Thompson Drop Table Technique

This is a great technique when patients are in a great deal of low back pain … so much pain that any and all movements are debilitating.  This is a great technique to help patients who are immobilized due to pain or have current disc injuries/challenges.

Chiropractic Bio Physics (CBP) Technique

Another advanced technique that helps to restore structural imbalances of the spine and pelvis.

Extremity Adjusting Techniques

Having the knowledge and expertise to adjust extremities (hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, feet, ankles, knees and hips) can help avoid surgeries like carpal tunnel syndrome.


Applying ice after an injury is a common method for reducing pain and swelling. It is especially effective for athletes, who often experience sudden, painful injuries. This type of cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is used by chiropractors for the same purposes. 

Home Stretches & Strengthening Exercises

Every patient gets “Homework.”  These stretches/exercises will accelerate your body’s flexibility and strength to expedite the body’s healing potential.


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