Headaches & Migraines

If you deal with headaches and migraines, don't suffer in silence. Our chiropractor and chiropractic team of professionals at Optimal Health Chiropractic, serving North Hollywood, CA, Burbank, CA, and Studio City, CA, can provide the chiropractic adjustments you might need to reduce the frequency or intensity of your headaches. Although some headaches may respond better to certain types of chiropractic care than others, there might be a lot we can do to alleviate your head pain and help you feel better.


What Causes Headaches and Migraines?

There are many reasons why someone might have headaches or migraines. Some headaches may be caused by stress, such as tension headaches. In other cases, headaches might be caused by a genetic component or an illness. Injuries from car accidents or work incidents can also cause someone to develop headaches even if they haven’t gotten them often before.

Since you know your body best, you might have some idea as to why you get headaches. Different kinds of headaches may have different causes, so knowing about your history and recent changes in your life may help us pinpoint the headache’s source. When you come to your first appointment, be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle, family history, and the nature of your head pain. Knowing whether headaches occur after a long day at work or too much time in a bright and over stimulating environment may give us a better idea of what to do to help you lessen the frequency or intensity of your headaches.

Get Chiropractic Adjustments and Holistic Doctor Services from a Chiropractor Near You

When you come to our chiropractic practice, you’ll find that we’re equipped to provide different kinds of treatment that can help with headaches and related issues. From spinal adjustments to soft tissue mobilization, we can work with you to make your whole body feel better from head to toe.

Work with a chiropractor near you or a holistic doctor at our office, serving North Hollywood, CA, Burbank, CA, and Studio City, CA, to make a personalized plan. Call us at (818) 766-0118 for chiropractic adjustments and holistic doctor services from a chiropractor near you. We at Optimal Health Chiropractic are here to help.


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