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Explore the faces behind our team—talented professionals united by a passion for excellence. Learn about the diverse skills and personalities shaping our success. Meet the team that makes our mission a reality.

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    Andrea Bennett Office Manager/ Billing Girl Extraordinaire.

    Andrea is most importantly, Dr. Bennett's wife. They have been married 26years and have 4 amazing, healthy, Well Adjusted kids together. They, as ateam, have run Optimal Health Chiropractic in the same location for over 23years. They love to have fun in and out of the office and treat all theirpatients and staff like family. In her spare time she likes to take longwalks on the beach... Just kidding, she loves to hang out with the familytraveling, cooking and playing lots of games. She knows Chiropractic in andout, so feel free to ask her any questions.

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    Devin Bennett Girl Friday/ Reception/ Chiro Assistant Extraordinaire.

    Devin is Dr. Bennett's oldest child. When she was young she said she wantedto be a Chiropractor, unfortunately this won't be happening, but the nextbest thing is when she comes in and helps out at the office. You may findher behind the desk, doing what she does best, looking cute and socializingwith patients.


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