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I Can I Will I Must I Am

Posted: April 22, 2015
By: Dr Patrick Bennett

For the past two weeks my wife and I have been getting up early in the morning, going on a walk, doing our oil pulling and meditating. It's been great to do this together. We are up when it is quiet and there is  very little traffic, which is a true miracle when living in Los Angeles. Even when we are tired and it's cold and dark, we still get up and do it. It seems that once you are up and out  you just feel alive and awake and productive. We have each had days  where we have had to wake the other up and give a little nudge and a kiss to get them moving, but it has been so worth it. It has been a great bonding experience for both of us. On days like that, you need to remember how lucky you are that you are alive, healthy and able to walk. We feel blessed! For all of you who have thought about getting up, but think, oh i'ts too cold, it's too dark, I'm so sleepy,  try to push through it just once and you too, will see how worth it, it really is. You will feel energized, productive and ready for whatever the day may bring. Say to yourself, I Can, I Must, I Will, I Am. Repeat it as many times as needed. It works!

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