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Chiropractic Service Patient Testimonials

Many times chiropractic can help your body heal an array of ailments.
Read about some amazing testimonials that are continually being updated.


Dear Dr. Patrick,

I want to thank you for the care you have given me. You have alleviated a chronic lower spinal problem of mine that I have painfully endured for years. All of the care that you have given me has rejuvenated me, both, spiritually and physically.

Most recently my vision was getting somewhat blurry. I had not been to my eye doctor in some time so I assumed my vision was worsening since I am 79 years old. I went and saw the eye doctor and he said that my vision has improved from 60/20 to 30/20. That's a 50% improvement in my vision. There's no question that this is another part of my life that has been improved through chiropractic. I am very happy to have Dr. Patrick taking care of me.

Thank-you Dr. Patrick,

My Back Pain Is Gone!

Four months ago I crawled, cried and carried my physically, mentally, socially and spiritually depleted body into Dr. Patrick's office, and my life changed in ways I never imagined. I did not want to live in pain or rely on medications, so I put my trust in Dr. Patrick . A couple weeks later, the initial pain was gone. My body is learning a new and healthy way to live.


My Headaches Are Gone

Before chiropractic, I had headaches almost daily. I was referred to Dr. Patrick in which I was skeptical, but curious. I noticed a difference the very first adjustment; it was as if a burst of life was flowing through me. Since my adjustments, I stopped taking aspirin and pain relievers. I feel better and I know now that I am in charge of my health, not a "Magic Pill."

Thanks so much,

Heartburn Gone

I have had digestive problems-along with heartburn and constipation-for many years. For 15 years M.D.s and specialists have only given me countless medications with no change at all. Since I have received chiropractic care, all of these problems have disappeared. I also believe the pregnancy and delivery of my son was so smooth due to the adjustments.


I Lost Weight

I originally sought chiropractic care for my hip and low back pain. In the process of getting much relief from my ailments, I also lost 10 pounds. Dr. Bennett has taught me that I can live a productive and active life without pain pills, and for that, I am truly grateful. He has inspired me to live up to my potential.

Love and Peace,